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Why Control Birds

Problems caused by urban pest birds and why they should be fixed

Health risks from birds should now be routinely assessed in public institutions such as hospitals and schools, community facilities such as refuse disposal sites, sewage and water treatment plants, and at any point in the food production chain - from 'farm to the table'.

Birds can harbour many infectious agents or diseases (pathogens) communicable to humans and to animal species. They threaten our personal health - often through unsafe food production premises. This has become more apparent as health and safety and food audits become routine;

A birds eye view

San Marco Square, Venice - A birds eye view

Eggs in a planter box

Municipal Building - Planter box complete with eggs

Eliminate Pigeons

Eliminate resident pigeons and/or fit bird spikes above this door

Blocked Gutters

Internal flooding from blocked gutters is quite common


What bird diseases can threaten human health? The most serious include...

  • Ornithosis (Chlamydia psittaci) (a condition passed directly from bird to man); Cryptococcus neoformans and Histoplasma capsulatum (fungi which develop in droppings and can produce lethal diseases in susceptible humans)
  • Campylobacter spp
  • Eschericia coli 0157 ,
  • Listeria spp,
  • Salmonella spp,
  • Vibrio cholerae - food poisoning organisms which can be picked up by birds and then scattered around, contaminating water supplies, cattle pastures, and even human foods directly.

Some risks in work and home environments?

  • Dried guano (faecal material) can enter buildings via contaminated air conditioning units on ledges.
  • It can be walked into a building on our footwear.
  • Dust inhalation of pathogenic organisms can occur when removing faecal deposits.
  • Gutters and drains blocked with dead gulls or pigeons, nesting materials, chicken bones, or other waste materials can lead to internal water damage.
  • Leaving dry nesting materials in roof and ceiling spaces increases fire risks through faulty wiring or, contact with exposed ceiling 'down lights'.

Why encourage these additional Insect pest problems too?

Bird nests can be the source of many unpleasant insects, including:

  • Blood-feeding insects such as mites, bugs, ticks and lice,
  • Fabric-damaging insects such as carpet beetles and clothes moths,
  • Stored food pests like spider / dermestid beetles and book lice,
  • Carrion-feeding insects such as house flies and blow flies.


This web site concentrates on bird species which are often regarded as pests. They include pigeons "flying rodents" gulls, sparrows, starlings and mynah birds (more info).

The photographs which follow (with one exception) were taken in New Zealand. They depict bird contamination scenes and property damage, providing many reasons to consider professional bird proofing options.

Contractors who work on the exterior of such sites are at risk of infection when removing or contacting bird excreta, even more than those who work or live inside. Bird Mite can enter the offices or apartments through windows or air conditioners.  Bites from Mites are often confused with Flea bites, and are just as annoying.


This business's Gull pollution problem was solved when BirdNet was installed across their open roof

Contaminated Handles Contaminated Entry Ways

Another example of birds defacing buildings

Exterior building damage Pigeons inside buildings

Bridge Damage

Bridge Damage

What started as routine bridge maintenance became a major problem.  The extent of rust damage was only recognised after maintenance works commenced.  It was hidden under years of accumulated pigeon excreta (guano).  Today, bridge and motorway tender documents increasingly recognise bird proofing as part of the maintenance contract.


This heritage building was later successfully proofed from pigeons

Pigeon damage on a Heritage Building

The continued presence of nuisance birds is a hazard for any business

Generations of birds living inside some manufacturing plants and stores cause extreme contamination and present an unacceptable and serious health risk to all who work in there.

Pigeon damage on a Heritage Building Small Bird Damage In-Store

Unsecured refuse will continually attract problem birds

Seagull Heaven - unsecured refuse Unsecured refuse

Anyone for cricket?

Bird contamination at a stadium

To prevent or rectify the unsightly situations depicted above, please contact Birdproofing Consultants today and talk through any proofing concerns you have. We offer a large range of birdproofing options. There will be one or more that will help to protect your building from damage and the public and your staff from health risk.