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Infrastructure Protection

Case Study — birdproofing a bridge

Before Maintenance

This bridge was scheduled for maintenance. After years of deposits of pigeon guano the structure wasn't faring too well. Cutting out rust preceded the repaint. Pigeon proofing was to follow.

Despite our reservations, bird spikes were specified for installation by a contractor who probably had no experience in birdproofing.


The result:     The density of the pigeon population, along with the placement of the bird spikes, left plenty of room for the pigeons to re-establish their nests.

The better option:    Correctly install structural bird netting under the bridge to totally exclude either pigeons (50MM mesh aperture) or, use 19mm knotted bird netting to exclude all birds. This is becoming the more common solution for infrastructure; including bridges, motorway underpasses, and areas exposed to pigeon infestation on major sites including hospitals, apartment buildings, heritage buildings and similar structures.