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Industrial Bird Infestation

Case Study — removing serious health concerns from bird infestation

Damage caused through bird contamination
Heavy Bird Infestation

This property owner asked for an appraisal and cost estimate to remedy their serious problems with bird infestations.

As the manufacturer of household products which the public would expect to be stored in hygienic conditions, they had a natural concern at remedying the situation. The building had not previously been used as a storage warehouse. In its unused state, the birds had reduced it to an enormous aviary.


Professional bird proofing calls for proven solutions. While one proofing method does not suit all problems, when total bird 'exclusion' is the aim, the creative use of bird netting is required.

The result:     A proposal to minimise the problem was made. This proposal recommended the manufacturer implement a bird elimination programme from their pest management provider, followed later by a thorough bird proofing programme.

This programme would involve segregating the store into several areas, divided by bird netting and PVC doors. It is not an inexpensive solution, but an effective one. This was one of the more difficult situations we have appraised. At this time we have not been further involved.

A heavy bird infestation problem