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Bird Relocation

Case Study — preventing birds from just moving around the corner

There was a longstanding pigeon problem on this and some adjoining buildings. One side of this building was enclosed for three levels using 50mm bird netting. In the pre-installation period the client was encouraged to also include proofing of the front and other sides, but said budgetary restraints wouldn't allow for that.

Using Bird Netting
The bird netting was terminated on the front and rear corners. That side was sealed off, preventing pigeons roosting and breeding

Bird proofing is really 'bird relocation'. Unless culled after proofing, the birds will go somewhere. If you're able to be comprehensive in your approach to proofing any structure, (or if you are lucky), they will become another's problem. But not here. This group of pigeons have moved to perch and nest on the other sides of the building which were not proofed.

The birds have moved around the corner