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BirdNet / Bird Proofing Mesh

Use the BirdNet system to exclude ALL birds from areas on most structures

Installing BirdNet
Installing Bird Net
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Potential uses of bird netting include: under canopies, over roofs, across voids or air vents or windows, down the external faces of buildings, or to enclose light wells on commercial buildings.

If the proofing is not comprehensively done to remove all perching or roosting points, birds will relocate to close by. Maybe on the same building.  However, limited bird proofing is sometimes all that the client wants and we accept that.

‘Birdproofing’ is really 'bird relocation'- relocating the birds to areas not proofed.


Anti-roosting BirdNet requires skilled installers and is not a DIY bird proofing system.

Installers should have a high degree of experience installing genuine BirdNet and high quality fittings, and a thorough knowledge of the habits and preferences of nuisance bird species. All that, together with a genuine interest in achieving the very best standard of bird control is needed.

Birdproofing is NOT just another job! Birdproofing Consultants can refer you to installers capable of delivering high quality bird proofing results customers deserve.



  • Polyethylene knotted bird netting with stainless steel suspension system and proprietary fittings, mostly in stainless steel or copper. Bird netting is made of monofilaments designed specifically for bird structural bird proofing use. Filaments are extruded to 0.3mm thick. These are then twisted into a twine that is 6 (12/6) strands thick.
  • Polyethylene does not absorb water so does not stretch, and is chemically inert.
  • All bird nettings are UV light stabilised.
  • Black knotted bird netting is the most frequently specified as it resists U/V light degradation better than any other colour.
  • Available in Black, or Stone.

Bird Netting Mesh Aperture Options

Size Bird Type
19mm for all birds – pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, and mynahs.
50mm for pigeons and gulls.
75mm for gulls (an indented item).


When expertly installed, HDPE twisted and knotted BirdNet will exclude ALL 'nuisance' birds.