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Bird Brush

Bird Brush to fit all external doors – deter entry of nuisance birds

Installing Bird Brush
Bird Brush

When correctly fitted, Bird Brush is effective in deterring entry by nuisance birds into domestic, industrial and commercial buildings or aircraft hangars through closed exterior doors. It is fitted under door heads or under or around doors to exclude all birds. Available in five sizes (25, 50, 75, 100 & 175mm bristle strip) to suit most external door openings, whether roller shutter, bi-folding, sliding or pedestrian door styles.


Fire   Ideal for farm buildings where starlings often cause fires by building nests in the enclosed motor gear of infrequently used machinery. 

Infections: livestock and humans   Most birds have the potential of spreading salmonella and gastro-enteric diseases. They must be prevented from entering food manufacturing or storage warehouses and on farms where machinery or stock-feed is stored.


  • Bird Brush - a dense bristle brush which slides into aluminium carriers with an 'h' or 'F' profile.
  • Most common brush size in 75mm and 100mm bristle length, supplied with the 'h' profile carrier.
  • Brush also available in 50mm and 175mm bristle length.
  • Brush is normally sold in 3.0M lengths, with option for longer lengths.
  • Aluminium profile is available in 1.5M or 3.0M lengths.
  • Brush is supplied with its mill finish aluminium carrier.

BirdBrush Dimensions


Deters all birds: particularly - swallows, sparrows, mynas, starlings, and pigeons.