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Urban & Rural Birdproofing

  • Bird SpikesDeters: gulls and pigeons
  • Bird BrushDeters: all nuisance bird species
  • Bird NettingDeters: all nuisance bird species
  • Hot WireDeters: all nuisance bird species
  • Bird WireDeters: gulls and pigeons
  • Case StudyManaging birds at a heritage building
  • Case StudyHealth risks from birds need to be managed
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Specialists in birdproofing for over 35 years

Are birds bugging you? Tell us about it. We have solutions.

Take the worry out of protecting your valuable property from bird damage, whether a home or business premises...

We are currently enjoying a sabbatical this year... an exciting time for us!

We've decided to leave our website online for information purposes only. We hope this resource provides you with valuable information on what birdproofing products are available and what solutions may work for you. Thank you for understanding that we are unable to answer any enquiries during this period. Best of luck with your project.

Bird Proofing Products


Why Control Birds?

Birds can harbour many infectious agents or diseases (pathogens) communicable to humans and to animal species. If your household is dependent on a rain water supply, then stopping birds from messing all over your roof is a challenge worth tackling. Birds also threaten our personal health - often making food storage or production areas unsafe. This becomes more apparent as health and safety and food audits become routine. At every stage of the food chain - from farm to plate - their presence is a food safety risk. Bird exclusion and control is now a major consideration in workplace health & safety, while third-party audits require higher standards for food safety.  + learn more